what is the internet?

To me, when I think of the internet, I always refer to it as the World Wide Web vs internet. In elementary school when I was being taught what the internet was, we did an activity that would stick in my mind forever. My classmates and I stood in a circle and our teacher would pass around a yarn of thread throughout the circle having each kid wrap a little around their finger. After a few minutes, we would all be attached to each other in this intertwining web of yarn. It was a mess! I remember my teacher explaining to us that everything is connected in the internet and everything you do matters, it holds the web together.

To me now, I am a little more aware that the internet is pretty much a collection of data servers that is a connected network of information. The internet is everywhere. This internet operates on many platforms (desktops, tablets, phones) and beyond (cloud computing). All of these places that have the ability to use the internet build greater connections with each other and larger interactivity. I believe that there is one large internet with smaller subunits.

what is the internet becoming?

The internet is becoming bigger and bigger each day. Much bigger then the day before and even much bigger then a few hours ago. When I say that, I mean with each connection that is made within the internet, wether that be a like on Facebook or a news article being published, the internet grows stronger. The internet thrives on connection and data so when you interact on Instagram or Facebook, it tells the internet (or now I’m referring to the internet as people who work for Facebook or Instagram) who you’re interested in, what you like, who you like, how many times you’ll like something, how long you’ll spend on the page, what ads the should play for you..etc.

Honestly, it is kind of scary how addictive the internet is. I watched the social dilemma recently and that documentary focuses a bunch on how addictive these apps on phones and the internet can be. These programs are tailored to you and are purposefully trying to get you to be on the app. Social media program notifications and the way the programs look are just a few ways these developers try and make your brain want to be on these apps.

Recently, I have found myself deleting social media apps here and there so I can focus on other things other then caring about posts and spending hours watching Tasty videos. When I do not have social media on my phone, I feel more connected with the world and I feel a kind of relief or a weight off my shoulders. Social media creates much more unnecessary stress in my life. I tend to be an over-thinker and social media does not contribute any positives to that issue.